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Bringing our Idaho Pasture Pig conversations live, to a small screen near you!

We want to encourage as much dialogue and shared education across the country so that we can all work together in learning how to raise pigs, start a breeding program, select traits that will improve and build on future generations, market a profitable farm, and more!

Videos will be posted at minimum twice a month

They are free for members, $5 dollars for non-members

Whether you have been raising pigs all your life or are brand new to livestock and just getting started, we hope you will follow along and add in your experience.

Don’t be afraid to drop in a question or add to the Chatbox anytime!

Asking questions live or before the event starts is your best chance

to have  them answered but we will also be
checking in periodically once videos are posted on the webpage.

*Make sure you are logged in, this is members only content!*

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