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Fall 2021 Virtual Show

October 16th and 17th

This Show will be comprised of 3 main parts. All of which will be online and available to members only, though will be saved and available for future access by members at any time. 

1.Livestock Show
-All online submissions (due by October 10th)
-Judged with a point system by 3 judges 
-The winners of each class as well as Best of Sex and Best of Show will be posted to the website for all to see. 
-Entry is $10/ head

2. Webinars
-Presentation on specific topics related to IPP production by an expert in that topic
-Q&A sessions afterwards
(Topics coming to this spot soon!)

3.Round Table Discussions
-3 experienced IPP farmers talking and answering questions asked live by listeners using the chat feature on Zoom based on specific topics of that talk.
(Topics coming to this spot soon!)  

Submission Requirements

1. Be a Member of the IPPBA.
2. Pay $10 per pig entered.
3. 6 images of your pig with a handler(Left side, Right side, Front, Back, Overhead, Underline. 
4. Clear image of pedigree, or parents pedigrees in the case of feeders.
5. 90 second video of a handler walking with the pig being shown. 
6. Girth and Length measurement.
7. Weight by one of the three methods mentioned below. 

Submission Rules

1.All submissions must be entered and can have no changes later than midnight of October 10th.
2. Videos must have sound turned off (this can easily be done when you edit the length of your video.)
3. Videos must be 90 seconds long, no longer and no shorter. 
4. All information must be accurate to the best of your abilities.
5. weight can be given by any of three ways, but must be clarified as to which way it was obtained:
a. Scale
b.  Tape weight LW=(Girth*11.546)-269.365 (most accurate for fattier or 12+ month olds)
c.  Tape weight LW=(Girth*Girth*Length)/400 (accurate for most under 12 months old)
6. All images except the over head and underline pictures must have a handler in the picture(for scale), but cannot show much above the waist of the handler.
7. No Logos or other marketing may be visible in the images or video
8. grass or other ground covering must not obscure the feet or legs of the pig. 


Submission Tips

Your pictures and video are everything in making your pig score the best they can in an online show, here are some tips on things to do right and things not to do. Some basics though to really make your pig show off is give them a rinse to remove any mud, dirt, or bedding that will obscure traits for judging, ensure fairly flat ground so uneaven terrain doesn't show as a limp in the video or a bad topline or hock set in pictures. 


Your topline picture is to show off those hams, shoulders, and loin muscles. this one can be hard to take well, especially on larger breeding stock. Try to get a straight image. Note in this picture how the angle make it look like a curve in the spine? That is not preferable and may cost you points because the judges won't be able to tell what's camera angle and what's the pigs actual form, same goes for the distortion caused by zooming out on a camera.


Your Left/Right pictures show off that ham set, leg structure, snout, and top line. For the best possible score this needs to be straight on, notice how in this picture is from a slightly behind angle and has her leg lifted? This will cause this image to contribute very little to what the judges will get from it. 


This side profile is much better than the right side and will contribute a lot more to the judges ability to evaluate your pig, but if possible slightly more square and that back leg set in line with the other would be ideal. 


Your rear pictures are here to show off that leg and hock set as well as hams. This picture is a smidgeon high and being a bit more on level would give a better look to the judges  of the conformation, but would be acceptable.


The front shot is here to show your front leg set to evaluate hocks, stability, and stance width (very important on boars) as well as shoulder pronouncement. This image angle wouldn't get you the best chance of a good score because it really only gives a shot of one leg. It should be more centered and lower. 


Your underline needs to show the whole underline so judges can get a clear count of all teats both functional and not, as well as their spacing and orientation. This image would be the bare minimum acceptable because it does show all 14 teats and you should be able to see any issues, but a straight on one will give you the best potential. 


Your pedigree image must be clearly visible, with no blurry letters or intense shadows across the words making it difficult to read. 

Edit your video to exactly 90 seconds and crop if necessary for height, and remove the volume during edit. Accidently catching above the waist of your handler is not as big of a deal in your video but attempt to minimize it as much as possible, note when the pig and handler reach the ends and turn that this happens. Film from the height of the center of the pig, and the filmer should move the camera only to track the animal but not move themselves. Be careful to not get logos or other marketing in the video, though we won't complain about you wearing IPPBA swag like we are in this demo video. 

Enter the Show!

*Must be a Member of the IPPBA

Front Image
Rear Image
Left Side
Right Side
90 second Video

Your entry has been submitted!!!

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