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The Mission of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association is to create and curate resources for the continued development of the Idaho Pasture Pig(IPP) with an emphasis on community outreach and education. This includes but is not limited to shows, promotional materials, breeder selection aids, and effective IPP tailored husbandry management materials. The non-profit Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association is a separate entity from the privately owned Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Registry LLC, and both work towards the advancement of the breed.


  1. Build an inclusive community of breeders, through general elections and democratic processes, that will lead and influence the continued development of this young and emerging breed of pasture pigs.

  2. Host an extensive educational website that has Member driven content and photo albums.

  3. Host within the Association website an inclusive IPP Forum and Chat Room that does not fall under Social Media rules. Will include an IPP Sale Classifieds section.

  4.  Create and curate educational material for the betterment of IPP’s.

  5. Assist in breeding stock evaluations either with educational materials, some form of shows, a grading system, or a combination of all three.

  6. Create resources that make it easier for breeders to make great steps towards solidifying the breed characteristics within their herds, and producing litters that have consistent size and growth rates.

  7. Support the IPP Registry and its Advisory Board with a robust spirit of cooperation through open communication.

  8. Create and share promotional materials to bring awareness and clarification to the public about IPP’s.

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