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Welcome to the IPPBA website and breeders forum.

The IPPBA is a new group of Idaho Pasture Pig producers dedicated to the growth and development of the breed. The idea was pitched over two years ago, but really started to take shape in early 2021. The association will be a not-for-profit organization based out of Wisconsin, and is developed and organized under a democratic system wherein the paid members will elect Officers. This development effort was spearheaded by myself, Charlie Moore, and supported by other Registered breeders including Caleb Howerton, Cayla Aski, Chanteil Sniff, and Chad Munns. There have been other breeders who have given invaluable input, but chose to step down from the often difficult organizational process of a new organization.

The above 5 breeders are the founding Development Committee of the IPPBA. Each are dedicated volunteers who value community, inclusiveness, and desire to build better performing pigs that meet the needs of a wide group of producers. We look forward to creating a diverse community where different values and opinions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

We look forward to your input and contributions to this member driven community.

Charlie Moore

Rainier Heritage Farm


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