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2021 - Virtual Show

October 16th and 17th



Building a Financially Sustainable IPP Enterprise

with Caleb Howerton

1:00-1:30pm Q&A



Show Results



Ground Hay as a feed addition

& other Nutritional Advice

with Kirstin Boyer

7:15-7:45pm Q&A




Roundtable: Best Practices Selling

and Purchasing IPP Stock

With: Laura Thome

Paige Collett

Tracy Jenson
12:00-12:30 Q&A


Conformation and Evaluation of IPPs

with Cayla Aski

2:30-3:00pm Q&A
(This recorded talk was asked to be

removed by the speaker)



Roundtable: Meds and First Aid on the Farm

With: Chanteil Sniff

Drew Jenson

Cayla Aski

6:00-6:30pm Q&A


A huge Thank you goes out to everyone that contributed to making this show the success it was, and another thank you to everyone who was able to watch live and participate in the Q&As! Below you will find the Events and links to a page with their recordings and hand outs, and if you keep scrolling you can watch a video of all the Entries and their scores as well as a blank score sheet for you to see how they were evaluated by our three Judges! Continue Scrolling and see the winners themselves!

Show Results

There were 17 entries across 6 classes, evaluated by 3 judges using the score sheet below the video, You can see the judges scores listed below the entries listed as:
Joe Chestnuts score / Tracy Jensons Score / Jodi Cronauers Score      (Average score)

We cannot thank these experienced folks enough for the hours they devoted to evaluating these pigs!

Show Winners

Adult Boar Class

Best Male! / Best In Show!
GTF GEORGE G0372  AKA: Trojan   90.5 / 96 / 97   (94.5)
Mitch & Cayla Aski of Duck Creek Pastures

Sow Class

Best Female!
GTF Fate G0375  AKA: Oatmeal   92 / 95 / 84.5   (90.5)
Caleb Howerton of Green Thicket Farm

Intermediate Boar Class

GTF Bandit H1517   AKA: Hermes   69.5 / 85.5 / 86   (80.33)
Mitch & Cayla Aski of Duck Creek Pastures

Intermediate Gilt Class

EFF Black Gold I1101  AKA: Sangria   74.5 / 87 / 90   (83.83)
Sandy Hartness of The Sarcastic Sow Farm

Junior Boar Class

DCP Triton I0872  AKA: Henry   93 / 94 / 90   (92.33)
Mitch & Cayla Aski of Duck Creek Pastures

Junior Gilt Class

HCF Hope I1114 AKA: Esme   72.5 / 85.5 / 84.5   (80.83)
Melissa Myers of Will.Ow Acres
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