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Latest Version Date: 1/31/2023

Article I Name, Mission, Purpose, Structure
Section 1.1

The Name of the organization shall be the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association, also referred to as the IPPBA.

The Mission of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association is to create and curate resources for the continued development of the Idaho Pasture Pig(IPP) with an emphasis on community outreach and education. This includes but is not limited to shows, promotional materials, breeder selection aids, and effective IPP tailored husbandry management materials. The non-profit Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association is a separate entity from the privately owned Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Registry LLC, and both work towards the advancement of the breed.
Section 1.3

The purpose of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association is to:
          i. Build an inclusive community of breeders, through general elections and democratic processes, that will lead and     

             influence the continued development of this young and emerging breed of pasture pigs.
          ii. Host an extensive educational website that has Member driven content and photo albums.
          iii. Host within the Association website an inclusive IPP Forum and Chat Room that does not fall under Social Media rules.                Will include an IPP Sale Classifieds section.
          iv. Create and curate educational material for the betterment of IPP’s
          v. Assist in breeding stock evaluations either with educational materials, some form of shows, a grading system, or a

             combination of all three.
          vi. Create resources that make it easier for breeders to make great steps towards solidifying the breed characteristics

               within their herds, and producing litters that have consistent size and growth rates.
          vii. Support the IPP Registry and its Advisory Board with a robust spirit of cooperation through open communication. viii.

               Create and share promotional materials to bring awareness and clarification to the public about IPP’s.
Section 1.4

The legal structure of the IPPBA is a nonprofit 501c3, it is incorporated in the state of Wisconsin with a mailing address of P.O. Box 692 Wyocena, WI 53969.

Article II Membership
Section 2.1 Eligibility
          i. Active Member: Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, family, or Legal Entities who owns or breeds registered

             Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP’s) may become an active member of the IPPBA and be entitled to all privileges of full

         ii. Junior Member: Any person seventeen (17) years of age or younger who is an active owner or breeder of registered IPP’s

             may become a junior member of the IPPBA. As such, they are entitled to all privileges of full membership, except that                   they shall have no vote, nor shall they be eligible to hold elective office.
Section 2.2 Membership Dues
          i. Annual membership fees for the above-established membership categories shall be set at the discretion of the Board of

             Directors and are subject to change from year to year.
         ii. Member ship fees cover the time from January 1st to December 31st each year, no matter the purchase date.

             Membership fees will not be prorated for partial years.
Section 2.3 Duties of Members
          i. It is the duty of members to comply with the bylaws of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association as they now exist, or

             may be amended in the future, to keep sufficient records to provide unquestionable identity of all IPPs on their farms

             and sold from their farms for any purpose, to conduct their business as not to endanger, or adversely affect the

             reputation, standing, or welfare of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association by action, word, or intent to other members

             or non-members.
         ii. It is the duty of the members of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association to strive towards excellence in the development

             of this breed, doing so by following the breed standard to the best of their abilities in their selection of breeding stock

             both for their farm and for the sale of breeding stock to other farms. Gross negligence on this matter without adequate

             attempt to set right will fall under the label of “Cause Harm” in the form of “Adversely affecting the reputation” of the

             breed and this Association.
Section 2.4 Refund of Dues:
No member will be entitled to or receive any refund of their membership dues or any portion thereof, including but not limited to membership termination, or cancellation.
Section 2.5 Member Discipline:
Any Member, including just one member of a legal entity Membership, who is found to cause harm, slander, or libel towards the IPPBA, IPPBR(Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Registry), or any other IPPBA Member may have their membership revoked or suspended by a unanimous quorum1 vote, of the members of the Board of Directors. In order to protect the privacy of the Member in question the vote shall be conducted during a closed-door session with the member having been formally given notice, at which point the member has 7 days to make an appeal to the Board of Directors and state their case, after which they will receive the result of the vote in private.
          ai. Suspension: all small infractions, the severity of which are determined at the discretion of the Board, follow the

               methods above for discipline. If the vote of the Directors finds the Member or director in violation, then they will

               receive a written warning. Three warnings no matter the time between will result in a vote for removal of Membership

               and or Office.
         aii. Removal: all severe infractions, the severity of which are determined at the discretion of the Board, or an accumulation

               of three written warnings, follow the methods above for discipline. If the vote of the Directors finds the Member or

               Director in violation then they will have their Membership revoked, and be barred from ever becoming a member again

               or holding any Office or position with the Organization.
        aiii. Severity of infractions fall under two categories, Written Warning, and Removal. To determine which of these an

               infraction is will fall to vote of the board with a vote of five out of seven being the minimum for a resolution. Should the

               Board fail to reach the five votes needed to place at Removal the infraction will default to a Written Warning.
Section 2.6 Good Standing:
A member shall be seen in good standing as long as their membership dues are paid up through the fiscal year, should no disciplinary action have been enacted upon them with one year, and they meet the other requirements for membership eligibility as laid out in Section 2.1.
Section 2.7 Benefits of Members:
Members in good standing have the following benefits, which are not limited to such but shall at least include:

          i. The right to nominate members in good standing to the ballot for board appointment on the Board of Directors of the   

             Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association that meet the requirements in Section 3.2.
         ii. The right to 1 vote per membership per ballot section for the appointment of a nominated member on the ballot to the

             position of Board Member on the Board of Directors of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association.
        iii. Free entry to all Shows and Expos put on by and under the control of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association. 
        iv. The right to state their case before the Board of Directors in the case of a dispute as laid out in Section 2.5.
         v. Access and use of any and all Educational and Promotional material made available for the betterment of the

            Associations breeders and the breed itself. This benefit does not allow the removal, defacement, and intentional or

            unintentional obscurement of the IPPBA watermark or logo, which must remain visible on all materials used in such a

        vi. The right to formally petition the Board of Directors on any and all issues that they feel should be addressed regarding

            the Breed, the Association, or the Registry during a regularly scheduled or emergency meeting. How and when its

            addressed remains at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
       vii. Access to the Member only section of the IPPBA website including, but not limited to its classified section and forum.

Article III Board of Directors
Section 3.1 Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
          i. The Board of Directors are granted the following powers:
               a. Those explicitly granted them by federal and state laws as pertaining to non-profit organizations.
               b. Those explicitly granted them within these bylaws.
               c. General supervision, management, and control over the property, funds, and resources at available to and owned by

                   the Association.
               d. Financial oversite of the Association funds, with the sole discretion as to its use so long as it’s use is following any

                   laws applicable both to this organization and the United States government.
               e. Disciplinary powers over Members, Directors, and Employees as laid out within these bylaws.
               f. Hiring of employees both long term and as short-term contracts to aid in the Associations mission.
               g. Appointment of Officers from the Member Elected Directors as laid out within these bylaws.
          ii. The Board of Directors have the following core duties, failure of which to adhere to can allow for a vote to remove the

              offending Director as set forth in Section 3.7:
               a. The Duty of Care:

                    ai. Attendance: Board Members are required to attend not less than five out of six meetings, and no two meetings

                         consecutively should be missed.
                   aii. Active participance: Directors should put forth engaged energy into seeing the Association moves forward and is

                         successful in its mission.
                  aiii. Following through: When agreeing to a task that is to aid the IPPBA all effort should be made to complete the     

                         task in a timely manner and to the best of the Board members abilities.
               b. The Duty of Loyalty:
                    bi. Service: All activities should be in the best interest of the Association, and not directly towards the benefit of the


                   bii. Exemplary behavior: As heads of the breed, the directors should exemplify what our breed stands for, and strive

                         to create a good name for the breed through their behavior and business practices.
                  biii. Preservation: Board members must strive to preserve the IPP genetics and under no circumstances cross breed

                         an IPP with another breed, intentional or not.
                   biv. Consensus: The board acknowledges that the association is a democratically run organization and no Director

                         has the authority or right to make promises or guarantees on behalf of the organization without consensus of the

                         rest of the Board.
               c. The Duty of Obedience:
                    ci. Lawful: Every Board member is required to strictly adhere to the Bylaws as they are now or are amended to read.
                    cii. Acceptance: Each board member is to accept at least in their actions and behavior the rulings achieved by

                         majority vote in sessions.
                   ciii. Standards: Board members should strive to ensure their herds are good ambassadors of the breed and follow                                the breed standards closely in their selection.
Section 3.2 Requirements of Board of Director Members to be eligible for nomination
               i. Have owned registered IPP’s for not less than 2 years, or own a minimum of 5 Registered IPPs.
              ii. Be a current registered breeder of IPP’s.
             iii. Be a current Member of the Association and be in good standing.
             iv. Have not had disciplinary action taken against them by the current or a previous board of directors of the IPPBA                           within one year.
              v. Be willing and able to attend the required amount of board meetings set forth in Section
Section 3.3 Nomination of Members for the role of Director in the Board of Directors of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association:
Nominations for the position of Board member must meet all requirements laid out in Section 3.2.
              ii. Members in good standing may nominate as many fellow members as they wish so long as they meet the

                  requirements of Section 3.2.
             iii. All Nominations must be submitted not later than February 20th , failing this they will be invalid.
             iv. Most elections will have two to three, but never more than three Board positions up for election, per section 3.5, and

                 as such members cannot be nominated to multiple of these positions during one election cycle. Any duplicate

                 nominations will not be entered into the official ballot.
Section 3.4 Election of new Directors for the role of Director in the Board of Directors of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association:
               i. The ballot shall only consist of individuals meeting the requirements set forth in Section 3.2 and 3.3.
              ii. Voting opens on March 2nd and closes March 31st annually.
             iii. Results of the election will be determined by a majority of votes to one candidate over the others on that ballot

             iv. A margin of 3% or less including ties will trigger a single automatic recount.
              v. Ties will trigger a revote for those specific candidates by the membership, with announcement of the tie and

                 redistribution of new modified ballots within (7) days of the count, and the ballots being due within (15) days of the

            vi. Elections are for the title of Director of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association. Bestowal of Officer titles are voted on

                 by the Board of Directors based on the available vacancies and are appointed from the newly Member elected

                 Directors and existing Directors.
           vii. Should a Director resign before their term is up, the board will vote from the runners up from the last election to have                   taken place for a replacement. This specially elected Director will only seat till the Director they replaced’s term

                 would have normally expired.
Section 3.5 Appointment to the position of Officer in the Board of Directors of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association.
             i. Newly elected Directors to the Board of Directors will attend (2) meetings of the Board of Directors with no Officer

                position. And use time allotted during the first of which to discuss strengths and weaknesses that may help the Board

                officers to direct their votes as to the available Officer positions best suited to them so as to have the most effective

                people in each role.
            ii. The second meeting with new Directors will entail a nomination and vote section for the re-distribution of Officer

                positions among the current Officers with the new directors also voting, followed by a nomination and vote for the

                officer positions for the new directors.
           iii. Any new officer roles assigned will take effect during the next regularly scheduled meeting.
Section 3.6 Terms and Term limits for Directors and Officers of the Board of Directors of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association
Standard Director Terms are for 3 consecutive calendar years beginning the 31st of March of that year.
            ii. Officer position terms are reevaluated each year in correlation with the rules set out in Section 3.5.ii.
           iii. Directors cannot serve more than (2) consecutive terms, though after a 3 year period may be renominated again with

                the potential for (2) more consecutive terms followed by another 3 year period off the Board, following this cycle.
           iv. The founding Board of Directors terms will stagger as such:
                         a. Caleb Howerton’s term will end March 31st 2023
                         b. Laura Thome’s term will end March 31st 2024
                         c. Joe Chestnut's term’s will end March 31st 2024
                         d. Julie Wu's term will end March 31st 2025
                         e. Chanteil Sniff’s term will end March 31st 2025
                         f. Kevin Cooks Term will end March 31st 2026

                        g. Term will end March 31st 2026
Section 3.7 Officer titles and their responsibilities.
             i. There shall be 7 Officer positions available for the assignment to the Board of Directors. Those positions shall be:
                        a. President
                        b. Vice President
                        c. Treasurer
                        d. Secretary
                        e. Show and Expo Superintendent
                        f. Registry Liaison 
                        g. Scribe
             ii. Their responsibilities are as follows:
                       a. President:
                               ai. Presides over Board Meetings.
                               aii. Creates the agenda in collaboration with the Secretary and Executive Director
                               aiii. Appoints people to General committees.
                               aiv. Serves as contact to bring issues to the Board.
                               av. Sets goal and objectives with the board and ensures they are met.
                               avi. Holds members accountable for meeting attendance.
                       b. Vice President:
                               bi. Takes on the Presidents roles in the absence of the President
                               bii. Assigns Special Committee chair heads.
                               biii. Compiles updates from Committee heads and presents results at meetings
                               biv. Is the head of the Communications committee, which oversees the website and social media accounts.
                       c. Treasurer:
Manages the IPPBA’s funds.
                               cii. Produces financial statements to present at board meetings.
                               ciii. Ensures all nonprofit tax and legal documents are filed on time annually.
                               civ. Serves as head of the Finance Committee.
                               cv. Works with executive director to establish the annual budget and presents it to the board for approval.
                               cvi. Reviews the annual audit.
                       d. Secretary:
                               di. Assists in preparation of agenda and ensures its distribution.
                               dii. Assembles and distributes relevant information to distribute ahead of meetings
                               diii. Ensures that all documents pertaining to the organization are easily accessible to Members and

                               div. Schedules and notifies Directors of upcoming meetings
                               dv. Holds Directors accountable for their tasks.
                       e. Show and Expo Superintendent:
                               ei. Head of the Show and Expo Committee
                               eii. Organizes and selects potential dates and locations for Shows and Expos.
                               eiii. Develops and manages the operation of all Shows, Expos and Events put on by the IPPBA.
                               eiv. In charge of Show rules and proceedings.
                       f. Registry Liaison:
                               fi. Acts as point of contact between the Association and the Registry.
                               fii. Answers all questions received by the Association regarding the Registry, and or the Associations/ Registry

                               fiii. In charge of any situation involving an official Registry Document.
                       g. Scribe:
                               gi. Records meetings, and makes them into formats available to the Membership.
                               gii. Records minutes, votes, discussions, and decisions of the board
                               giii. Presents the minutes from the previous meeting
Section 3.8 Removal of a Director
               a. A Director can be removed by a vote of over 70% of presiding Directors, all of whom must cast a vote within seven

                   days of the triggering event.
               b. This vote can be triggered by:
                       bi. A formal petition by more than 40% of directors
                       bii. A formal petition signed by 20% of Members in good standing.
               c. A removed Director is barred from holding office again. And could depending on the consensus of the standing

                   Directors opinion of the offence could also have a vote brought forward to be removed as a member.
               d. The removal of a Director shall follow all the same timelines and rules set forth for notice, appeal, and process as

                   are stated in Section 2.5 for the removal of a Member.

Article IV Meetings
Section 4.1 Operating procedure for meetings
               a. Quorum: for standard and emergency meetings a quorum shall constitute not less than one member shy of the full in

                   office Board of Directors.
               b. Meetings will follow Roberts Rules of Order to the best of their abilities.
               c. Meetings will be recorded and minutes will be made available to members in good standing upon written request.
               d. Standard Meetings will be called to order at least once a month, and require notice given to the Directors at least

                   seven days in advance, with sufficient effort made to accommodate the schedule of the Directors to maximize

                          di. No more than 2 standard meetings may occur in one month so as to not place undue burden on the position

                               of Director.
               e. Emergency meetings can be called by a written request by three or more Directors, three days notice must be given,

                   and no extra accommodations are required to suit the schedules of the remaining Directors.
                          ei. No more than 2 emergency meetings may occur in one month so as to not place undue burden on the

                               position of Director.

Article V Compensation and Reimbursement
Section 5.1 Employees, Volunteers, Contractors
Employees: The board of Directors has the ability to hire and fire staff paid to assist the day to day and extraordinary

                   tasks that may arise from the management and maintenance of the organization and has within their power the

                   authority to within reason utilize IPPBA funds to do so.
               b. Volunteers: The board of Directors has the ability to recruit and utilize volunteers for the benefit of the organization.

                   They shall receive no monetary compensation for their efforts, though a majority consensus of Directors could

                   allocate swag as a thank you to volunteers for their efforts at events, and to help distinguish volunteers for ease of

                   coordination during events.
               c. Contractors: The board of Directors has the ability to hire and fire contractors paid to assist the day to day and

                   extraordinary tasks that may arise from the management and maintenance of the organization and has within their

                   power the authority to within reason utilize IPPBA funds to do so.
Section 5.2 Directors
               a. Directors may not receive any monetary compensation from the organization for time or services rendered in aid of

                   the organization.
               b. Directors may receive compensation for products sold to the organization as long as sufficient effort has been made

                   to source the products from an equally sufficient supplier, as determined by a consensus vote by the rest of the

               c. Directors may receive reimbursement payments for products and services purchased for the organization from their

                   own funds, with prior approval of the Treasurer, and agreement from a majority of the Board.

Article VI Conflict of Interest
Section 6.1 Policy

It is the policy of The Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association that all Members, Directors, Employees, and Volunteers avoid any conflict between their interests and those of the IPPBA. The IPPBA expects all Members, Directors, Employees, and Volunteers to support its mission, policies and programs as well as to conduct themselves in an ethical manner. The principles guiding this policy are so that no IPPBA Members, Directors, Employees, or Volunteers should have or appear to have personal interests or relationships that conflict with the best interests of the IPPBA.
Section 6.2 Direct examples:
Employment: No Employee of the IPPBA may be the employee of a Directors personal business or be the family

                   member or ward of a Director.
               b. Show or appear to show preference or favor to any suppliers, customers, contractors, or other persons seeking to do

                   or actively doing business with IPPBA based on anything other than appropriate business concerns.
               c. Participate in any decisions as part of their duties as an IPPBA Director or Employee if their interest in any company

                   or business might affect such decisions.
               d. Participate in any decisions as part of their duties as an IPPBA employee if they would stand to gain a financial or

                   any other benefit based upon the outcome of the decision.
               e. Offer or accept for themselves or others any gifts, favors or benefits from another party with the direct or implied

                   benefit that it might effect the Directors decision on any matter regarding the IPPBA.
               f. Members, Directors, Employees, or Volunteers may not enter pigs of any age or category for show if there is a

                  potential for conflict of interest with the judges, such as, though not limited to, familial relation, or outside

Section 6.3 Disclosure
               a. All Members, Directors, Employees, and Volunteers must disclose any potential for conflict of interest in writing

                   before engaging in the activity that may cause said conflict, so as to allow the Board to come to a decision on its

                   potential for issues.
               b. Should a potential for conflict of interest happen Members, Directors, Employees, or Volunteers must make all

                   attempt recuse themselves from the situation and or decision before any further action is taken.

Article VII Non- Liability
Section 7.1
The IPPBA and its Members shall, to the extent legally permissible, indemnify each person who may serve or who has served at any time as an officer, director, employee, or volunteer of the Association against all expenses and liabilities, including, without limitation, counsel fees, judgments, fines, excise taxes, penalties and settlement payments, reasonably incurred by or imposed upon such person in connection with any threatened, pending or completed action, suit or proceeding in which he or she may become involved by reason of his or her service in such capacity; provided that no indemnification shall be provided for any such person with respect to any matter as to which he or she shall have been finally adjudicated in any proceeding not to have acted in good faith in the reasonable belief that such action was in the best interests of the association; and further provided that any compromise or settlement payment shall be approved by a majority vote of a quorum of directors who are not at that time parties to the proceeding. The indemnification provided hereunder shall inure to the benefit of the heirs, executors and administrators of persons entitled to indemnification hereunder. The right of indemnification under this Article shall be in addition to and not exclusive of all other rights to which any person may be entitled. No amendment or repeal of the provisions of this Article which adversely affects the right of an indemnified person under this Article shall apply to such person with respect to those acts or omissions which occurred at any time prior to such amendment or repeal, unless such amendment or repeal was voted by or was made with the written consent of such indemnified person. This Article constitutes a contract between the IPPBA and the indemnified officers, directors, employees, and volunteers. No amendment or repeal of the provisions of this Article which adversely affects the right of an indemnified officer, director, employee, or volunteer under this Article shall apply to such officer, director, employee, or volunteer with respect to those acts or omissions which occurred at any time prior to such amendment or repeal.

Article VIII Fiscal Year
Section 8.1

The fiscal year of the IPPBA will run from January 1st through December 31st .

Article IX Amendments
Section 9.1
Amendments to the bylaws require a Super Majority vote of the Board of Directors in attendance where the vote on the amendment is taking place.

Article X Notice
Section 10.1
               i. Notice to members shall be defined as making reasonable attempt to contact either individual members or the entire

                  membership via email, social media posts, and/or banners on the IPPBA website.
              ii. All official notice as pertaining to elections, relevant news, queries, and disciplinary action will be in written or 

                  recorded audio/visual format.


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