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Read Before Purchasing a Membership!!!
By purchasing any of these memberships you are stating that you meet the requirements, and that you agree to obey the Bylaws.

There are 3 steps to membership, please complete all of them or you will not have full access to all that the IPPBA has to offer!

1. Complete the form below to show that you meet the requirements to be a member, and to get us the information needed to get your Membership Info Tab created.

2. Pay your dues by purchasing one of the three membership options below.

3.  Create a Site member account. Go to the Sign in button (top right on desktop, and top of the Nav bar on mobile) and select how you would like to sign up and create your account. This creates the account you will use when posting in the classifieds and forum, submitting or requesting DNA verification items, and how you will submit entries and view educational resources.

Your membership will not be active until all three of these steps are completed. 


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