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2023 Idaho Pasture Pig Calendar

Featuring the IPP Men of America


The IPPBA is in search of a few good men to be a part of the first ever IPPBA annual fundraising calendar.

Why should you join us?
Here are a few perks, should you be chosen to be a part of this calendar.

  1. A free calendar on us for you to show off to your friends and family of what a fantastic IPP man that you are.

  2. A discounted fee on your next renewal (or first) enrollment for IPPBA membership.

  3. A full highlight of your farm on the IPPBA social media pages, as well as on the IPPBA's website as "Member of the Month" on whatever month that you are featured on the calendar.

  4. IPPBA swag

  5. Because you seriously should, and unlike what some folks may think, print media is not dead. Calendar is cool. Calendar featuring IPP pigs is even cooler. And you really don't want to miss the chance to forever brag that you were once the Mr. October on the first issue of the IPPBA calendar.


The theme of this year's calendar is YOGA.

  1. You must wear a yoga outfit. Not sure what that means? Google "yoga outfit" or message one of the IPPBA social media committee members (Paige Collett, Chanteil SniffLori Goettsche, and Tavia Stroud). Here is a link to the type of yoga outfit you should look into:

  2. You must be doing a yoga pose. Feel free to be as basic or as advanced as you are comfortable. And no, your pose doesn't have to be perfect. As the matter of fact ... the less perfect your pose is, the more chance you are at being selected. Here are some examples

  3. Photo resolution must be a minimum of 1100 x 850 pixels

  4. Provide at least 5 photos (preferably of different yoga poses), but no more than 8 photos.

  5. Use of photoshop or similar software is an immediate disqualification

  6. Since this is an IPP calendar, needless to say you must involve your pig(s) in the photo somehow. Be creative - use a piglet as a dumbbell, do a Lotus pose on top of your boar, or give your sow a kiss while doing a plank. The possibilities are endless.

Deadline for entry is Saturday October 15th at 11:59pm.

The calendar is estimated to be delivered in early December, just in time to make fantastic holiday presents! Details on how you can pre-order your calendar will be released soon.

Entry Submission Form

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Example of what we are looking for. Though preferably more color!

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